Make Social Media An Asset

“What’s one way for hiring managers to learn who you are outside the confines of the résumé, cover letter and interview? Scanning your social media profiles.” More via Forbes.

How to overcome interview mishaps

“Everyone has experienced train wreck first dates, first days of school, and first job interviews. You say the wrong thing, you do the wrong thing, and the stars simply do not align. However, there is hope to salvage a lost interview when things don’t go quite right.” Read more via our Big Time Career blog.

Is it okay to leave work right at 5 p.m.?

“It depends on your particular field and your particular company. There are plenty of offices where this is normal, others where it might not be the norm but won’t be an issue, and others where it will indeed be an issue.” Read more via Ask a Manager.

How To Find And Use A Mentor

“When you’re ready to reach out, be specific. People are more likely to respond to a concrete request, like a 20-minute coffee meeting to discuss the potential mentor’s career path, than to an open-ended cry for help, which could potentially turn into a burdensome time suck. Ease into the relationship.” Read more via Forbes.

5 Resume Statements That Prove You’re Fit For the Job

“While it’s critical to focus on measurable achievements, your resume should also look beyond numbers and relate soft skills that you’ve applied to projects and interactions. These soft skills directly tie into your emotional fitness, and ultimately, demonstrate your cultural fit with your target employer.” Learn more via U.S. News.

Social Media Job Hunting Tips for Recent Graduates

“Before you begin that job hunt, some proverbial ‘housekeeping’ is in order to ensure that you put your best foot forward. College professors and mentors teach resume preparation and interview acumen, but they often fail to mention one critical activity that can dictate your professional future: How to wipe your social media image clean.” Read more via Mint.

5 Things That Waste Your Time at Work

“Aside from the time you purposefully waste at work — checking Facebook or playing Draw Something, as the kids do — there’s a lot of other stuff that can slow you down at the office. The productivity of a ‘knowledge worker’ (read: non-farmer) hinges on communication and the ability to locate information quickly.” Learn more via Mashable.

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